The /imagine flowers collection reinterprets the floral - a classic textile theme given a physical form with the scrunchies as textile flowers. Pascal Heimann experiments with new modes of designing: through Midjourney AI – artificial intelligence that creates digital images from text descriptions – a long study of the floral world continues and expands beyond the human.

photos by Bennett Smith

In some aspects resembling human interaction, communicating with the Midjourney AI can only be done on grounds of a, if not mutual, then certainly particular understanding of the counterpart's inner workings. By translating the fruits of these interactions onto fabric that is worn like a piece of textile jewelry, they again become part human. This communication between human and machine finds its physical representation with our seemingly simple product - a scrunchy.

I am unique from the /imagine flowers collection. My way to you began in a computer, my fabric dress calculated by artificial intelligence, with the help of Pascal Heimann.  In Holland I was freed from digital space and printed on textile made from 100% recycled PET. Back in Switzerland, Anna and Isabella from Anbell.Scrunchy in St. Gallen turned me into a textile flower.
That's how I reach you today... and if I'm lucky, I’ll embellish your hair for years to come!

First production has started 22.10.2022. Your scrunchy will be created individually by artificial intelligence with your chosen design, wired to Holland for digital printing on 100% reused PET fabric, put together in St.Gallen by Anbell.Scrunchy and directly shipped to you. This will take up to 4 weeks. This way we can ensure no overproduction and waste of resources.

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Tuesday Oct 5 2021